Publish plenty premature papers, or perish preparing principled progress?

Slow and steady wins the race

Slow science is a recent term to promote a stronger focus on solid, curiosity-driven research instead of quick and sloppy works to evade the "perish" part of the "publish or perish" paradigm. Fast science like fast food, is on first glance very appealing as things we want happen quickly, but that comes at the price of quality and thereby our health. As with fast food, the motivation is in part due to laziness. Instead of evaluating research works based on their merit, it is a lot easier to count things such as publication numbers or citations. Thus, hungry researchers go for the high score.

Why do authors publish so many papers?

It is easier than focusing on fewer more substantial works: There are various incentives: There are no penalties:

Do authors perish if they focused on fewer more substantial works?

In some disciplines authors have the option of targeting more selective venues that set higher standards for quality, which can then be prestigious. Yet many of the previously issues remain. The selectivity of the venues may also not be very well known and the prestige only extend to certain subcommunities. Matters are made worse that it is completely subjective, e.g., only looking at acceptance rates of a venue indicates nothing about their quality.

How could well-intentioned researchers be helped?

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