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What is the goal of this site?

Computer science often seems to be divided between two perspectives: A purely mathematical view of computational realities seems insufficient, as a study of computational realities will not only involve machines and algorithms, but also their interaction with data coming from the natural world. A purely engineering-focused view of computational realities may yield some results today, but does little in terms of building a solid foundation for the future. The goal of this site is to introduce the third perspective (very likely attempt #142, but we will keep trying!): One could argue, this site aims to unite the two old perspectives through a common enemy: change. In case, one is less keen on hostilities and more interested in progressing research, there is also the possibility of adopting the synergetic cycle of science:
Empirical results inspire theory, theory predicts empirical results and empirical results confirm or contradict theory.

Who is behind this site?

Having mentioned subjective biases on the main page, it needs to be disclosed that this site is currently edited by a postdoctoral researcher who is most familiar with the database community. Despite that, the site is not meant as a personal outlet and everyone is invited to join the effort, contribute content and help coordinate individual efforts across many computer science communities. The views and opinions expressed on this site are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of their employers.